Briercrest College

Briercrest does not offer any quizzing specific scholarships or bursaries but you can still take advantage of the scholarships they do offer. For information about the scholarships that Briercrest offers, visit their website:

Eston College

Eston College offers two $4,000 referral bursaries to the ministry of Quizzing. If you are interested in attending Eston College, please contact the CMD Executive Committee at about getting a referral letter. If you want to investigate the other scholarships and bursaries that Eston offers, please visit their website:

Horizon College

While Horizon College & Seminary does not have quizzing-specific opportunities, they do have several other scholarship options available for applicants that can be found on their website:

Millar College of the Bible

Millar offers a $250 scholarship per semester is available for each year that a student has successfully completed Club 150 (memorizing at least 150 verses in a year), up to a maximum of $1,000.

For more information about the scholarships that Millar offers visit page 15 of this link: