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Divisions & The Draw

The draw for district quiz meets is split into divisions. We start with two groups: rookies (C) and non-rookies (A/B).

Teams registered in the non-rookie division are further divided after the scores of three preliminary quizzes are used to determine team rankings.

A Division

The A division is the most competitive and features the fastest jumping. Questions are drawn from all of the material studied. This level of competition may intimidate some quizzers, but quizzing in this division may be an excellent way to motivate those quizzers to improve their knowledge of the material. While the division includes the handful of top competitive quizzers in the district, most of the quizzers in the division display a wide range of quizzing competence.

B Division

(when registration numbers warrant another division)
The B division is for quizzers who are still developing. In this division, quizzers jump at slower speeds. This division is considered a training ground and provides quizzers with a transition from C to A.

C Division

The C division is for first-year quizzers only, or for those others with prior approval of the CMD director. It’s an opportunity for rookies to learn the rules of the game. Quotation, FTV and reference questions are drawn from Club 150 verses while questions from other categories can be based on any verse in the material.

In some circumstances, coaches may decide to register a “rookie” in the A division and not in the C division. This is permissible and does not require the director’s approval.

Coaches are encouraged to send an email to the district registrar prior to quiz meets if they have questions or concerns with the registration process. At the meet, each team will quiz three preliminary quizzes to determine initial rankings. Based on those rankings, the teams are bracketed with 12 teams in each division competing against one another in respective elimination rounds. This may change from one quiz meet to the next based on the total number of teams registered for that meet.


A couple of weeks before each quiz meet, coaches are asked to register their teams with CMD’s registrar. The meet organizers need to know how many teams in which division, how many quizzers and how many adults will be attending. Because the draw is specially designed for each quiz meet based on the number of teams registered, coaches must make every effort not to alter the number of teams they register.

For weekend meets, the organizers also need to know billet preferences as the youth and adults are billeted in homes for the weekend.

Once you know who will be attending the meet, assign each of the quizzers to a team. Each team needs a captain but it’s not necessary to determine this before the meet. And the captain role can rotate among the quizzers even during a meet. Because the captain speaks on behalf of the team, a certain level of maturity is required. While changes to team composition can be made on Friday night when confirming registration, the number of teams cannot be changed. Once registration is confirmed on Friday, changes to the team composition are not allowed either.

Teams who have too few quizzers to make up a team for a meet are to be in touch with CMD’s registrar, who will match quizzers to make a new team. On an individual basis, “A” Division quizzers belonging to a church team, unable to enter an “A” team at a Zone or District level quiz meet can be placed with other “A” division quizzers within their zone. This request from such an individual’s head coach must be approved by CMD and the other head coach involved.

Host Churches

Participating in Bible quizzing and attending quiz meets are privileges not rights. With 200 or more youth and adults being housed and fed during the weekend, it’s important for everyone involved to recognize the significant contribution local churches and church families make when hosting quiz meets. These churches and their families are the lifeline of the program. Without their support and willingness to serve, quiz meets would not happen.

Quizzers are expected to stay on the premises when attending meets and are allowed off campus only when accompanied by a coach or parent. Everyone needs to be respectful of the buildings we use. If something is damaged or broken, please report it immediately to those working in the statistics room so the issue can be dealt with by the CMD director. Encourage your quizzers to thank the volunteers who work tirelessly preparing and serving food, maintaining bathrooms, and circulating throughout the building during the quiz weekends.

We also need to be appreciative of the host families who generously open their homes to quizzers, coaches and officials. Please be respectful and show your appreciation by leaving a thank-you card for the family.

Because quizzers should always be able to contact their coaches, please ensure that your quizzers know your cell phone number and that you have it on throughout the weekend, even during the night. It should be on vibrate during quizzes.

Cost of Meets

CMD Bible Quizzing is a non-profit organization with charitable status recognized by Canada Revenue Agency.

All quizzers and coaches will be charged a registration fee for each quiz meet they attend. Any other local church volunteers, drivers for example, and spectators who require billeting and are planning to eat meals at the quiz meet will also be charged the fee. Officials, including quiz masters, answer judges and scorekeepers, will not be charged the fee. The exception to this is the final quiz meet when we stay in dorms. Answer judges and scorekeepers will be charged a portion of the fee to cover the cost of the dorm rooms and cafeteria food.

The registration fee charged at meets covers the cost of the food, the social activity, trophies and other expenses associated with hosting quiz meets.

Everyone who is registered will be fed lunch and supper on Saturday, and lunch on Sunday. People who are billeted will be fed breakfast on Saturday and Sunday in their host homes.

Packing For The Weekend

Quizzers need to bring sleeping bags, pillows, towels, and toiletries to weekend meets. Please be sure that all luggage is marked with the quizzer’s name and name of the local church. Sleeping bags need this too. Masking tape works well. Coaches do not need to bring sleeping bags, as they are billeted in homes where beds are available. If coaches require bedding, they will be contacted in advance of the meet. The exception to this is the final meet where everyone is billeted in the dorms; bedding and towels are not provided.

Please remind quizzers that they are responsible for their belongings, including valuables. Perhaps suggest they leave their valuables at home. Coaches, please discuss the use of electronic devices. If bringing a phone means a quizzer will be on the phone sending texts all weekend instead of connecting with other quizzers, perhaps the phone should stay at home, too.

Sometimes the social event is an outside activity. Quizzers and coaches need to bring appropriate clothes and footwear. The social will be announced in advance of the meet.

Everyone should also pack a great attitude 🙂